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You’ll have seen the recent addition to our website: the Virgin Money donate button. Meeting the running costs of the centre becomes more and more difficult as time goes by, which has prompted us at Tang Hall Community Centre to look at different ways to secure much-needed funding.

Maybe you’ve decided to challenge yourself by running a half-marathon, or you fancy a trip up Kilimanjaro – if such a notion has swept into your psyche, why not use the opportunity to raise money for a charity in the process?

However, if you’re not planning to trek anywhere, and outright donations are beyond your budget, there is another way to give back to your community without doing anything different at all. Most people have busy lives and live to a budget, so this method is a great idea. You don’t need to to run or hike anywhere. You don’t have to go without something that’s undoubtedly a rare enough treat for you.

Give As You Live (GAYL) works in a similar way to most cashback site, but it’s charities and good causes that benefit as you do your regular shopping. You don’t have to change any habits, nor deprive yourself of anything in order to do something wonderfully selfless.

Load GAYL onto your browser and, whenever you do any online shopping, just do it via their site. You’ll still access your chosen retailer and the transaction will be exactly the same – you’ll just have a couple of extra clicks to incorporate. As you make your purchase through GAYL the retailer in question forwards a small percentage of your sale onto the charity of your choice…which we hope will be Tang Hall Community Centre!

As the saying goes, ‘Every Little Helps’…if everyone used GAYL as they made their online purchases, the revenue to THCC could really add up. It could fund a brand-new class or course, or just pay the centre’s energy bill, so that’s it’s nice and toasty when you come to visit.

It takes only a few minutes to set up GAYL on your PC or tablet, then you can donate regularly as you go about your business. Feel good, and know you’re doing good, for very little effort. In the run up to Christmas, GAYL could really make a difference to the centre and the work we do.

Thank you.

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