Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Policy 

Statement for Trustees, Staff, Volunteers, Tenants, Users and Visitors Users 

  1. Statement 

1.1 Tang Hall Community Centre is committed to providing an inclusive, accessible, and welcoming  environment which supports a diverse and culturally rich community. We will inspire all to value  equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

1.2. Tang Hall Community Centre is committed to developing, implementing, reviewing, and monitoring policies which promote equality, diversity and human rights and ensure an environment which is  free from all forms of unfair treatment, discrimination, and harassment for all those who use, work, and engage with the centre. 

1.3 We believe that no one should receive less favourable treatment while working or using the centre  based on, age, carer responsibilities, disability, class, marital or civil partnership status, gender  identity, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, trade union  activity, criminal background, or any other category where discrimination cannot be reasonably  justified. 

1.4 In offering a range of development opportunities for staff all policies and procedures are  underpinned by the following values: 

  • a community and work environment which encourages and enables diverse views, values, and  perspectives to be expressed and that opposes all forms of prejudice and discrimination. individual needs are addressed in a sensitive, supportive, and flexible manner. individuals are offered opportunities to develop within a culture of reflection and continuous  enhancement. 
  • all members of Tang Hall Community Centre are treated with mutual respect and sensitivity by  other community members. 
  • processes and procedures are based upon principles of equity, transparency, and  responsiveness. 
  • equality of access, esteem and opportunity permeates all aspects of the Centre’s work. 2. Tang Hall Community Centre as a Community Resource 

2.1 The Centre’s principal mission is to provide a hub for the local community. Our aims are: 

  • To ensure that the centre is a welcoming place for people to visit 
  • To facilitate the delivery of a range of activities that meet local needs 
  • To collaborate with different organisations for local benefit 
  • To promote a positive perception of Tang Hall as a place to live, work, learn and play To maintain and manage the community centre

2.2 The Centre aims to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse community of staff and all policies and  procedures will support this aim. Monitoring and review of our activities will inform the  development of policies and procedures to ensure the fair and appropriate treatment of all staff. 

2.3 In recognising the needs of staff, the Centre aims to: 

  • ensure an appropriate and supportive working environment respecting the dignity of all  members of the community. 
  • create an environment free from unjustifiable discrimination on the grounds of age, carer  responsibilities, class, criminal background, disability, gender identity, marital or civil  partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief, or  trade union activities. 
  • ensure recruitment, development and other key HR processes are dealt with using appropriate,  fair, and justifiable criteria. 
  • provide a policy and procedure framework to ensure that staff may raise any concerns relating  to equality issues and that these are dealt with in an appropriate manner. 
  • create opportunities, where possible, for career progression and staff development using  appropriate, fair, and justifiable criteria. 

2.4 All Centre Staff and Volunteers have a responsibility to ensure that this Policy Statement and the  procedures that support it are always implemented. Managers of the Centre have additional  responsibilities for ensuring and monitoring implementation at the Centre.  

2.5 Members of staff who breach these requirements and commitments will be dealt with through the  Centre’s Disciplinary Procedure. Discriminatory conduct may constitute gross misconduct which  may lead to dismissal. 

  1. Tang Hall Community Centre as a Purchaser of Goods and Services 

3.1 The Centre has a responsibility to promote equality in all its purchasing and contracting  arrangements. Within the parameters of UK legislation, the Centre will ensure that it encourages  potential suppliers from diverse communities and purchases goods and services fairly. 

3.2 It is essential that our suppliers are accountable to us, aspire to our vision and work within our  Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Policy. All suppliers have a responsibility to ensure that they,  and any staff or sub-contractors engaged by them to provide services to the Centre, operate within  the terms of this Policy. Any breach of these requirements will be dealt with in accordance with  procedures laid out in the contractual Terms and Conditions. 

  1. Legal Requirements 

4.1 Tang Hall Community Centre recognises its obligations under the law. It is committed to providing  equality of opportunity and upholding human rights by aiming to ensure that its practices and  procedures follow legal requirements and good practice. The Centre will meet all its obligations  under UK legislation.