Tang Hall Community Centre remains closed to the public during the pandemic. The centre has been operating as a Local Community Hub since April, delivering basic essentials and medicines to the people in need in our community. Through the centre’s ‘Isolation Grub Club’ we also deliver around 240 hot, nutritious meals to vulnerable residents each week.

In the future, we hope to return to our usual operations and once again accept third-party bookings for the hiring of our various rooms.

When we do, we hope our many regulars will ‘continue where they left off’ and help us to welcome our wonderful community back through the doors once again.

All current health and safety instructions have been, and will continue to be, applied.

As our volunteers prepare to send out meal number 4,000.

Let us take a moment to thank Jim and Steve who lead on cooking the meals.

They are the ones who get up at 5:30am twice a week to make it happen

The operation is run and delivered by volunteers.

Four FREE meals per week for isolated, vulnerable people living in Heworth and Hull Road close to the centre.

We have a dozen spaces available at the moment. If you qualify under the above criteria and want to join Isolation Grub Club. Call us on 01904 431 492 or email Hub@THCCentre.co.uk


Lovely big buzzard soaring over the centre at the moment ...

Can anyone identify this beast 🙀 It must have been the size of a small dog (ish) #MightBeExagerating ...

Guess who’s back?
Hubby the hedgehog is back after being collected from the amazing Urchins Hedgehog Care (Fiona) today by our very own hedgehog volunteer specialists.
Hubby went into hospital very unwell and weighing 482g.
A month later he is fighting fit and a whopping 1055g.

If you see a big shadow at night against the moon. Look closer as it might just be hubby.


This Robin is one of our favourite winged visitors to the centre because he also happens to be the tamest and most inquisitive birds that comes to say hello. ...

One of the centres youngest volunteers. One of two amazing family team volunteers who whilst off school have spent the past 11 weeks delivering food parcels to those in need alongside their amazing parents.

This is why we are #TangHallAndProud

The pine tree is a symbol of friendship. Thank you for being our friends.

Doing volunteering feels important to us.

From this day on any emergency care packages and volunteer cuppas will be thanks to our friends @yorkshiretea who just literally donated a truckload of Yorkshire. We doff our flat cap to you and the hundreds of people behind trying to look after our most vulnerable across York. Special thanks to Mora who helped make this happen. ...

These people care

As National Volunteers Week comes to an end. We will go on being proud of our 67 volunteers who 10 weeks into the pandemic will continue to make a difference.

Thank you for standing together and making Tang Hall a better place to be. You have worked hard to deliver food, support, medicine and love to our community.

Thank you.
The Community Centre and the people you have helped will never forget what you have done.

Volunteering is at the very core of being a human. No one has made it through life without someone else’s help. ...

We are constantly humbled by our key worker volunteers. They have been relentless at fighting back against the pandemic with determination, effort and positivity.

This is Becky. 1 of 70 volunteers helping Tang Hall be a better place to be by regularly delivering food to those who need it. The photo is the moment our amazing @tanghallbiglocal Volunteer coordinator asked her to adopt a thank you plant as a tiny token of appreciation for all that she does.

Harry the hedgehog was late for his volunteer shift and tried to sneak in the back door. ...

We are seeing strength and pride in our community every day. We are eight weeks in. We can do this.