Destination @ British Judo

Judo classes for kids, from 4pm in the hall.  Free taster sessions available – visit British Judo’s website for more information.

The word Judo consists of two Japanese characters, “Ju” which means gentle and “do” which means “the way”. So Judo means the way of gentleness. Judo is a dynamic sport that does not rely on strength but is based on a combination of balance, co-ordination and reaction – all skills that help performance across other sports. Most importantly, judo helps children become more self-confident, disciplined, self controlled and polite. Of course we teach all of this in a fun and controlled way!destination-judo-benefits

Judo is essentially a defensive sport involving two players, each of whom uses specific techniques and quick reflexes, plus balance, power and movement to get the other partner off-balance and take them down onto the mat. The place where judo training occurs is called a ‘dojo’, which literally means a ‘place to learn the way’.  The traditional dojo is floored with mats called ‘tatami’.  The dojo is not just a place to come and learn about the technical aspects of judo – it is a place to learn about the way of judo.

Judo players wear a special outfit called a ‘judogi’.  The judogi is made of heavy cotton material, and consists of a jacket, trousers and a belt. The colour of the belt signifies the ‘grade’ or the experience of the player.

Destination@BritishJudo is one of British Judo’s flagship development programmes aimed at encouraging young people to participate in judo. Judo is a great sport for building confidence and developing fundamental movement skills at the same time as being lots of fun. We aim to deliver a quality judo experience that provides health, physical and cognitive benefits, while enabling young people to realise their potential