Tang Hall Food Cooperative has arrived!

Tang Hall Food Cooperative (THFC) has launched.  We are live on the website, and our allotment is providing a lot of marrows!  You may even have eaten some of our produce already - if you attended the Tang Hall Family Festival which Tang Hall Big Local hosted, some of the curries were made from our veg.

THFC is a two year project which we have secured funding for from the People's Health Trust, and The Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

THFC combines a community growing project with a shipping container food shop, communal lunch club and cooking classes.  We will be installing a shipping container on site in the next few weeks, which will house a zero-waste, not-for-profit, wholefoods shop where you bring your own containers and buy as much or as little as you want.  We're also planning on having a community freezer, to house ready-to-eat meals which the THFC project group will prepare.

Our growing beds have been generously built and prepared by the people at Glen Gardens Allotments.  We have 5 8ft x 8ft growing beds, and lots of seeds.  Some things are growing already (the weather has been a great help), and we've got more planned.  We'd love to hear from any other local producers or allotment holders, as we'd like our shop to act as a redistribution hub for gluts!

If you'd like to know more about the project, then please head over to our section of the website, or drop in and speak to one of the community centre staff about it.  If you are a local resident, we'd love you to get involved, be that with growing, helping to run the shop, buying some of your food from us, cooking with us, or coming to lunch.  You can find out about all of this on our section of the website.