The Preservation Society

The Preservation Society is a special part of Tang Hall Food Coop, tasked with making sure nothing goes to waste.

Food preservation has been practised throughout the world across history. It has been suggested that preservation methods were a key human development, which allowed people to settle in one area, rather than live a nomadic lifestyle. The reason that preservation helped with this is that it allowed people to save their food for a later date, rather than needing to move on to find food, because of seasonal changes. By having food available for scarce months or through periods of drought, or for times when crops were ruined by pests, humans were able to build permanent homes and develop society as we know it.

There are many ways to preserve food, and one of the most commonly used methods these days is freezing. Freezing has been used for a long time in climates where ice forms the landscape, but is a newer method in warmer climates, where drying, curing, pickling, fermenting, boiling, jamming and canning have been more common. Most methods of preservation work by preventing the growth of microorganisms, although fermentation aims to introduce non-harmful microorganisms, which stop harmful ones from colonising the product.

The Preservation Society aims to use these methods to create interesting, long lasting foods. It’s a bit of a lost art these days, and it’s really good fun and creates some very interesting foods with a whole range of beneficial health properties.

We will operate from the shipping container on a Thursday morning, starting at 10am. We will follow the basic principles of pickling, fermenting and preserving, but apart from that, let’s see what unusual combinations we can create! The things we will preserve are the fruits and vegetables which people don’t take home to eat, to make sure we don’t put anything in the bin.

We welcome all Tang Hall residents, family and friends. You can turn up on a Thursday morning from 10am, join in with some preserving, take some veg home and find out how you can get involved with the food coop. We also meet up at the allotment on a Friday morning (from 9:30am) to do a little bit of growing and weeding, and then we come back to the centre and cook and eat lunch together.

The Preservation Society has one grand aim – to pickle and preserve as much as we can, and above all, to keep it weird!

If you want to find out more before you come, get in touch with Kat by email or phone 01904 431 492